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The Attempted Coup in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Unraveling the Dark Events

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The Unfolding of a Coup Attempt

In a shocking turn of events, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) authorities have claimed that at least three American citizens were involved in a failed coup attempt that took place on Sunday. The armed men had targeted the Presidential Palace, as well as the homes of top politicians, in a well-planned operation that was ultimately thwarted by the country’s defense and security forces.

The Attack on the Presidential Palace

The chaos unfolded in the early hours of the morning, with reports of gunfire near the Palais de la Nation, the official residence of President Félix Tshisekedi. The French ambassador to the DRC reported hearing automatic weapon fire in the area, and video footage circulated on social media showed men in military uniform brandishing flags of the former Zaire.

Authorities stated that the attackers had also targeted the home of Vital Kamerhe, a prominent politician tipped to become the new speaker of the National Assembly. In the ensuing clash, two guards and an attacker were killed, and a shell fired from Kinshasa hit the neighboring Republic of Congo, injuring several people.

The Alleged Coup Plotters

According to the DRC authorities, the attempted coup was led by a man named Christian Malanga, a Congolese national who had acquired American citizenship. Malanga, a former politician who was previously exiled, was reportedly broadcasting the coup attempt live on Facebook from within the Presidential Palace before being shot dead.

Malanga’s son, also an American citizen, was among the four individuals arrested in connection with the failed coup. The authorities have stated that there were several other attackers of multiple nationalities involved in the operation.

The US Response and Involvement

The US ambassador to the DRC has not denied or raised questions about the alleged involvement of American citizens in the coup attempt. Instead, the ambassador has expressed shock and concern, stating that the US is cooperating fully with the authorities as they investigate the “criminal acts” and hold any American citizens accountable.

The Challenges Facing the DRC

The DRC is a resource-rich country, but its wealth has not translated into progress for its over 100 million inhabitants. The country has been plagued by conflict, corruption, and poor governance, with the eastern regions, where the majority of the resources are located, being particularly volatile.

The DRC has a history of civil wars, with the second Congo war, fought between 1998 and 2003, leaving over 900,000 people dead. The current conflict in the east involves clashes between the Congolese army and the rebel group known as the March 23 Movement (M23), which is believed to be backed by the government of Rwanda.

The Reaction of the Congolese People

The news of the attempted coup has elicited a range of reactions from the Congolese people. Many have expressed shock and are asking questions about how the attackers were able to breach the heavily guarded Presidential Palace. The authorities have promised to provide more details as their investigation continues, and the public is eagerly awaiting further information.


The attempted coup in the Democratic Republic of Congo has shed light on the ongoing challenges facing the country. The involvement of American citizens in the failed operation has added an international dimension to the crisis, and the authorities’ response and the US government’s cooperation will be closely watched. As the DRC continues to grapple with conflict, corruption, and poor governance, the search for stability and progress remains an urgent priority for the people of this resource-rich nation.

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