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10 Best Side Hustles to Make Money Online in Ghana

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Hey there, fellow hustlers! Are you on the lookout for ways to rake in some extra cash right from the comfort of your home in Ghana? Perhaps, earn a sweet sum of $20 to $50 daily? I’m here to let you in on the ten best side hustles that have the potential to pad your wallet with up to $2,000 every month! Let’s cut to the chase and keep the magic tricks for the magicians—making money is all about delivering value to those who’ll happily pay for it.

So, if you’re ready to get the inside scoop and you’re grateful for the effort I’ve put into unearthing these gems for you, then show some love and give that like button a good tap. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the lucrative world of side hustles, starting with numero uno!

Print on Demand Services

“Print on what now?” You might wonder. Print on demand, my friends! It’s a game-changer where you can earn big bucks—even if you can’t tell Photoshop from a hole in the wall. With AI tools at your fingertips, anyone can conjure up killer designs for t-shirts, pillows, or any knick-knack you can slap a graphic onto. It’s like dropshipping’s cool cousin—the heavy lifting; printing, packing, and shipping, is all taken care of by the vendors.

Just get your designs ready, upload them to platforms like Printify, and voilà—you’ve got yourself a collection that could be bringing in the bacon while you sleep. This side hustle is def one for the design dabbler and the savvy artist alike.

Going Viral as a Social Media Creator

Ever dreamt of social media stardom? It’s your time to shine, folks! Get this—comedian Warris recently spilled the beans on TV, revealing he pockets a whopping $9,000 monthly from Facebook. And that’s just Facebook folks! Tack on other platforms like TikTok and Instagram, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for rolling in the dough.

“What’s the secret sauce?” you ask. Originality, my dears! Cooking up unique content that captivates viewers is the ticket. Kickstart your career with nothing but your phone and a nifty editing tool like Katka. If Warris did it, so can you!

Self-publishing eBooks

Ah, the written word—a gold mine in disguise! And who says you must be a Shakespeare to strike gold? Not I! You can chart bestseller territory with a gripping tale or a helpful guide on, well, anything. Tools like ChatGPT or even a trusty ghostwriter can help bring your eBook to life. Publish it on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, and watch those royalties pour in like a tropical Ghanaian rain.

Blog Your Way to the Bank

If you can share your two cents on a subject—be it the best kelewele in town or the latest fashion finds—you can blog. Monetize it through ads, affiliate marketing—you name it. I even netted 2000 cedis from my mini-blog last month, just from ad revenue! Find your niche, carve out your corner of the internet, and monetize your musings.

App and Platform Testing

Got an eye for glitches and a love for trying new things? Testing apps and platforms can make your wallet happy to the tune of $10 to $150 per review. Check out sites like uTest, Swagbucks, or UserTesting, and start critiquing for cash.

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage on Binance

Time to board the crypto train! Buying low and selling high with digital currencies on platforms like Binance can turn a nifty profit. But remember, the crypto market has its ups and downs, so it’s all about smart plays and timing.

Online Courses and Coaching

Knowledge is power—and it can be profitable too! Package your smarts into online courses or offer coaching sessions. Platforms like Udemy, Thinkific, and Podia make it a breeze to transform your expertise into earnings.

TikTok NPC: Entertain and Earn

TikTok isn’t just for dance moves; it’s a treasure trove if you’ve got the flair. Grow your following, go live, and collect badges and gifts from your virtual crew. Once you hit the big leagues, subscribers and ads could mean a steady stream of income.

Start a YouTube Channel

Fancy being on camera? Share your passion, views, or laughs on YouTube. Build an audience, hit those monetization milestones (1,000 subs and 4,000 watch hours), and you could be banking more than chump change.

Freelance and Flourish

Good with words? Graphics? Code? Sell your skills on freelance platforms, cater to a range of clients, and pocket anywhere from 100 to 1,000 cedis per gig.

Remember, folks – taking in all this info without lifting a finger won’t fill your pockets. So, let’s get to hustling! Drop your thoughts in the comments and if you’re pumped for more content like this, just wait till the next video drops. Thanks for tuning in—I’m Regina Diamond, and I’ll catch you on the flip side! Bye!

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