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“Actress Mary Awuni’s Birthday Blessing: Spreading Joy at Sekondi School for the Deaf”

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Mary Awuni, the Founder of Lady 1 Foundation and one of Ghana’s most promising actresses, recently extended her philanthropic reach by donating items to the Sekondi School for the Deaf. This charitable act not only served as a means for the Foundation to support the underprivileged in society but also served as a heartfelt expression of gratitude for the blessings she has received thus far in her journey.

Ahead of the donation, Mary Awuni took to her Facebook page to pen a heartfelt birthday message to herself, expressing her wishes for joy, growth, and success in the coming year. She reflected on her blessings with gratitude and looked forward to new adventures with positivity and enthusiasm.

In recognition of God’s goodness and in celebration of her birthday, Mary Awuni led members of her Foundation to the Sekondi School for the Deaf. There, they generously donated assorted items including learning materials such as exercise books, water, pens, bags of sachet water, and toiletries, among others.

Expressing her gratitude in an interview, Mary Awuni thanked God, her family, members of her Foundation, as well as donors and sponsors for their contributions to making the day fruitful. She emphasized the importance of giving back, noting that giving is a divine act that brings joy and fulfillment.

Mary Awuni believes in the power of kindness and compassion to make the world a better place. She encourages others to let their inner beauty shine and to share their light with the world, as true beauty radiates from within.

Grateful for the support of her fans, Mary Awuni expressed her heartfelt appreciation for their assistance, acknowledging the significant difference their contributions have made. She thanked them for being an integral part of her life and emphasized the importance of unity and compassion in creating positive change.

The management of the Sekondi School for the Deaf expressed their gratitude to Lady 1 Foundation for the generous gesture and appealed for continued support. Through acts of kindness and generosity, Mary Awuni and Lady 1 Foundation are truly “Touching The Heart Of Humanity,” making a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

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