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Outmaneuvered by a masterful prankster.

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In the bustling atmosphere of the bank, a young boy, known affectionately as the “boy in the banker,” stirs up a bit of curiosity among the staff with his peculiar daily routine. Every single day without fail, he dutifully deposits $100 into the bank’s coffers, much to the intrigue of his superiors.

One fateful day, the boss of the bank, noticing this consistent behavior, couldn’t resist the urge to inquire. With a casual yet intrigued tone, he approaches the boy and asks, “Hey buddy, why do you keep dropping $100 in here every day?”

The boy, with a mischievous glint in his eye, suggests they have a more private conversation. With the boss’s agreement, they retreat to the sanctuary of his office, where the boy proceeds to divulge his secret.

“Well, you see,” the boy begins with a playful grin, “I make a bet every day with someone new that I can kiss my right eye.” The boss can’t help but chuckle at the absurdity of the claim. “No way you can do that,” he retorts with a smirk.

But the boy, undeterred, responds confidently, “Wanna bet?” Intrigued by the challenge, the manager agrees, unaware of the surprise awaiting him.

Quick as lightning, the boy reveals his clever ruse by deftly removing his fake eye and planting a kiss upon it. The boss can’t help but feel a twinge of embarrassment at being outwitted by a child, but he honors the bet and hands over the agreed-upon $100.

However, the boss isn’t one to let a loss go unchallenged. Determined to recoup his losses, he proposes a counter-bet, thinking himself clever. “Okay, but with a twist,” the boy responds with a gleam in his eye.

Confident in his assumption, the boss agrees to the wager. “I’m pretty sure that you are wearing red girly panties. If I’m wrong, I’ll give you back your $100 plus another 100.”

But before the boss can fully comprehend the implications of the bet, the boy adds a condition. “Before you drop your pants, we need 10 witnesses to make it official.”

With the boss’s team assembled as witnesses, the tension mounts as the boss reluctantly fulfills his end of the bargain, dropping his pants to reveal…nothing out of the ordinary.

Feeling a sense of triumph at having outsmarted the boy, the boss begins to congratulate himself on his victory. However, his jubilation is short-lived as he notices the boy’s smug expression.

Perplexed, the boss questions, “Why are you happy about losing your cash?”

With a knowing grin, the boy reveals his true intentions. “Well, I had a bet with your team about how fast I could get you to drop your pants.”

As laughter erupts among the witnesses, the boss can’t help but admire the boy’s cunning and wit, realizing he’s been outmaneuvered by a masterful prankster.

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